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The 2023 fees will be as follows $58.50 a quarter/$234.00 a year for one Garbage and Recycle can. The $58.50 quarterly charge also includes all other non-additional subscription services. We are a government agency, so the fees we charge our customers are to maintain the cost of providing these vital services. There is no profit made by the District. 

2023 Fee Schedule

2023 Billing Schedule

2022 Fee Schedule

2022 Billing Schedule

2021 Fee Schedule

Welcome Packet with Summary of Services

The Basic Service package includes:    

Additional Subscription Services:

Other Services:

  • We offer assistance to residents with limited mobility, please see the information about our Curbside Assist Program

Fun Facts:


  • You, as our customer, can have a positive impact on fees by helping keep costs low by recycling as much as possible
  • 60 percent of materials taken to the landfill can be find out more about what can be recycled, go to our How to Recycle page
  • The governing board of the District is made up of elected representatives from each of the areas we serve 
  • We boast world-class customer service with a 94 percent overall satisfaction score among our customers