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 Additional Garbage Can Request

Additional Garbage Can Rental Agreement: 

  • Your account must be current.
  • One-time $70 Startup fee
  • $58.50 billed quarterly.
  • Replacement can cost $70.The fee is for damages sustained above and beyond expected normal wear and tear.
  • For a stolen can: The replacement fee is reduced to $20.00 for a refurbished can or $70 for a brand-new can.
  • The additional garbage can will be used at the above address only.
  • The additional garbage can is the sole property of the District.
  • Please do not place garbage outside of the can for pick-up.
  • Do not overload the additional garbage can. The lid should be able to be at no more than a 45-degree angle when closed.
  • Place all cans 3 feet from any object that can obstruct dumping (cars, trees, street signs, and other cans).
  • Damage beyond wear and tear: $70 replacement fee.


RENTERS: If you are a renter, kindly request the homeowner to submit the form on your behalf.
Tenants/Renters ask Landlord to make the reservation.
Only enter your house number.
Example: 1234 S Happy Lane. (if your address is 1234 S Happy Lane, enter 1234 S H) A list of auto-populated addresses will appear, and you can select the correct one. 
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