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Seasonal Container Reservations

Dates and Area

⚠️-Please note that we are unable to take reservations over the phone. Unfortunately, we cannot make any exceptions due to the program's required documentation.

The date on your postcard determines when the calendar for your area will be available for reservations.

This is found on the "Website Reservation Calendar Open Date" in the calendar below.



How to Book

  • When entering an address, please input only the house number followed by the direction (i.e., N, S, E, or W).
  • If your address is not auto-populating, please email us at, and we will confirm that your address is in the system.

  • When reserving, select only one day for booking to avoid delays in accepting and confirming your reservation.

  • How to ratchet/un-ratchet SCRP container doors- Video

  • When will you receive a confirmation email? You will receive a confirmation email with specific details once the operations department has received and confirmed your reservation.

Where to Book - Click Your Area Link Below

⚠️ Important: Double-check your assigned date and location before proceeding. If unsure, refer to the postcard or contact us for clarification.

⚠️ Please Note: The containers generally arrive between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM and are removed the following business day. Unfortunately, due to high demand and variables impacting daily routes, we cannot provide a specific arrival time for your reservation. (You don't need to be at home during the delivery.)

*To find out additional information on the SCRP program click HERE.

-Cancellation waiting list, click HERE (For all Millcreek Zones ONLY)

Choose a date below:

⚠️Please avoid making duplicate reservations or booking for different dates, as this may cause a delay/denial in your reservation process.

⚠️If unsure about your designated dates, refer to your postcard or contact us for assistance.

-The next zone to open is Holladay Zone 1 May 7 to May 14. (The calendar will open on Monday 4/22 at midnight)

- Below: Holladay Zone 1 5/7 to 5/14







*Making multiple bookings or double-booking may delay confirmation and result in unavailable dates.


Contact us

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By 📧 Email at

📞 Call us or leave us a Message at 385-468-6325 Mon-Fri 8 to 4:45