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 Glass Recycling Can Request:

RENTERS: If you are a renter, please have the homeowner submit the form.

For information regarding our glass collection program and collection days, or if you are eligible for curbside recycling, please check our Glass Recycling Page.

One-time $55 Startup fee — The startup fee will be applied to your quarterly statement. This fee includes the glass recycling can's delivery, maintenance, and repairs.
$25.50 quarterly fee — Services will be billed quarterly.
Additional Glass can — $7.50 quarterly. ($55.00 Startup fee applies to each additional can)


Glass collection reminder via
Tenants/Renters ask Landlord to make the reservation.
Only enter your house number.
Example: 1234 S Happy Lane. Enter 1234 and allow a list to auto-populate your address, then select the correct address.
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