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Single Can Missed or Whole Street Missed?
Only your can was missed. "Please leave the can outside until it is serviced."
All or part of the street was missed. "Please leave the can outside until it is serviced."
Please be aware that we do not go back on cans that were not out on service day or out on time. We recommend all cans be out the night before.
Click in the box, then scroll and select the time.
"Please leave the can outside until it is serviced."
Which type(s) of can was missed?
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Example: 1234 S Happy Lane. Enter 1234 and allow a list to auto-populate your address, then select the correct address.
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Please make sure to place your garbage can at the curb or the nearest collection point by 7:00 am. It is important to bring your can in within 12 hours after it has been picked up. When you put your can out, ensure that it is at least 3 feet away from other cans, mailboxes, trees, fences, cars, and other objects. Avoid placing your cans under trees or basketball stands. Please do not overload your can, items should not be above the top by more than a couple of inches. Also, refrain from putting hot ashes in your can. Remember, recycling everything you can helps keep costs low.

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