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Green can Request 

*Herriman Green can collections are MONDAY'S

All other areas are the same as your regular collection day.

"If you are a renter, kindly request the homeowner to submit the form on your behalf."

  • Your account must be current.
  • There is a one-time $70 Startup fee. 
  • Services cost $31.50 per quarter and are billed quarterly, which comes out to $126 per year for the Green program. Green waste is picked up for nine months out of the year.
  • Additional Green waste can is $9 per quarter (a $70.00 Startup fee applies to each additional can)
  • Replacement can cost — $70. The fee is for damages sustained above and beyond
  • For a stolen can — The replacement fee is reduced to $20.00 for a refurbished can or $70 for a brand-new can.
  • Green waste collection takes place from the second Monday of March until the second Friday of December. Although green cans are picked up for nine months, the billing is performed for four quarters.
  • Remember, Landfill Vouchers are available for our Residents.
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