Community Recycling

Every day we provide recycling and promote sustainability in the Wasatch Front area. Our large-scale operations are integrated with sustainable actions, processes, and procedures. The goal of our recycling program is to make sustainable habits and living easier on all of our residents, with an emphasis on accessible recycling education. For more information on any of our recycling programs or events, please contact us.


Each residence receives one blue recycle can and one black garbage can as a part of your monthly service fee. A second recycle can is available for $9 per quarter with a $10 delivery/pickup charge. To request a second can, please fill out a service request.

Due to COVID-19 concerns, please contact drop-off locations before dropping materials or items off. Some drop-off depots listed may not be available at this time.

Blue Can Recycling: What Goes Where?

Anything not shown above should be thrown into the black garbage can. Remember: “WHEN IN DOUBT, THROW IT OUT!” If you have any questions, regarding what’s recyclable, please call our Sustainability Coordinator at (385) 468-6337.

How Clean is Clean Enough: Tips for Preparing Materials

  • Does anything drip or leak out of your recyclable item? If yes, pour it out and dry before placing in the blue can
  • Do not run your recyclables in the dishwasher
  • One good wipe with a paper towel or dishrag is good enough for containers
  • Ask yourself, can what’s still in here smear or soil paper recyclables? If yes, then it’s too dirty to recycle
  • If cleaning a recyclable item would take too much water, then throw it out

Hard to Recycle Items and Where to Take Them

Glass Drop Off Sites

Glass is currently collected curbside in communities east of I-15. If you would like to find out more information or sign up, please see our Glass Recycling page. If you do not live in these areas, there are multiple drop off sites throughout the remainder of the District.


Green Waste

Green waste cannot go into the blue recycling bin. However, we do offer curbside green waste pickup with our Green Waste bins. Please see our Green Waste page for more information.

E-Waste and Hazardous Waste

E-Waste/Hazardous Waste is not picked up curbside but is recyclable. The Salt Lake County Health Department holds waste collection events for these products. To dispose of household hazardous waste, please consider dropping them off at collection events or at a permanent collection facility:

Plastic Bags, Plastic Packaging, and Flimsy Plastics

All plastic bags (grocery or garbage bags), plastic packaging (bubble wrap or packaging pillows), and flimsy plastics (plastic wraps or coverings) can all be recycled but NOT in the blue curbside recycling can. These items can be taken to local grocery stores like WinCo or Target and dropped off in the plastic collection bin. This bin is usually located near the entrance of the building. All of these materials will then be taken to the Renewlogy Plant to be recycled.

Industry News: The Recycling Dilemma

World-wide changes to the recycling industry have been in the news recently. See below for local news coverage, how it may impact your WFWRD services, and what you can do to help!

Recycling Education

Our Sustainability Team is proud to share our educational resources with residents, teachers, and community members. We encourage you to share this with your classes, colleagues, and family so that together, we can create a sustainable, more environmentally-friendly community.