Curbside Green Waste Collection

Each District residence has the opportunity to obtain a green waste can. The green waste collection program is a subscription program. Collections are provided weekly between mid-March and mid-December.

***This program starts every year the 3rd Monday in March and ends the 2nd Friday in December***

      • Green waste is less expensive to process, keeping costs low.
      • Reduce the amount of waste sent to the landfill as garbage.
      • Green waste is processed into usable organic compost.
      • Reduce greenhouse emissions caused by decomposing organic landfill waste.

For more information about what we can go in the Green Waste Can, please:


  • Print out, fill in and return this pdf: Green Waste Cart Sign-up. We can take the signed document by email (, fax (385-468-6330), or by person or mail (604 W 6960 S, Midvale 84047) with your name, address, phone, and email legibly printed.



The fees include a one-time, $60 start-up fee and an annual fee of $126 for the nine months of collection. Those interested in second green cans still need to pay the $60 start-up fee, but all additional green cans are $36 per can, per year. This program is self-sustained through subscription fees and not subsidized with any other fees or tax dollars. There is no obligation to participate since this is an optional service for those who want it and are willing to pay for the services.

*A Green Waste can is $90 less expensive per year than an additional garbage can.


  • Curbside green waste collection will begin in mid-March and end in mid-December (a firm start and end date will be announced for the upcoming year).
  • The collection is the same day as your regular refuse and recycling day. (exception: Green Waste collection for the City of Herriman is on Mondays.)
  • Customers will receive a special green waste can with vents to release moisture.
  • The $60 start-up fee allows Wasatch Front Waste to purchase and deliver the cans.