Area Clean up has ended for the 2021 year


 2021 Area Cleanup

Due to continued staffing issues, the Administrative Control Board approved to provide the ACUP service the same way as it was provided in 2020. That means that residents have the opportunity to reserve a container on a first come-first served basis, and the container will be delivered to their home rather than dropped off on the street. This is the most effective way to continue to provide this service while managing the community’s needs for bulky waste collections.

How do I Schedule a Container?

You will receive a postcard in the mail three to four weeks before your scheduled ACUP time. Once those postcards are delivered, you can reserve a container for the date(s) available to you. You will need to complete a release of liability to reserve a container. 

You can also contact our Customer Service Representatives for reservation assistance via CHAT, EMAIL, or phone: 385-468-6325

When Will the Containers be Delivered?

Containers will be dropped off sometime between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m (we cannot provide an estimated arrival time) on the scheduled day. WFWRD staff will try to ensure that residents can have up to 24 hours for the container.

Driveways must be cleared, accessible, and have enough room (approximately 10’ x 20’) for the container to be placed to be off the street and public sidewalk. If the driveway is inaccessible, the container will not be delivered, and you will lose your opportunity for the container at your residence.

What is Allowed/Not Allowed in the Containers?

• Bulk household waste: furniture, mattresses, etc.
• Appliances: refrigerator and/or freezer must be tagged by a professional showing freon has been removed.
• Yard waste

NOT Allowed
• Paint, oil, batteries, propane tanks, 50-gallon drums, other toxic or hazardous materials.
• Commercial, contractor, or industrial waste/disposal.

Other Info/Tips:

• Do NOT overload containers or put waste on the ground. Following the National Waste and Recycling Association’s (NWRA) recommendations, WFWRD employees will not collect waste left on the ground or curb.
• The containers are for residents only. No commercial or construction dumping is allowed.
• For large amounts of waste that cannot wait for the ACUP, a bulk or green trailer can be rented- Trailer rental
• We have landfill vouchers available for those who miss their Area Cleanup day.