Area Cleanup

Area Cleanup Dates:

Area clean up has been changed for the 2020 year 

Area Clean up update

Mid-April through September, Wasatch Front Waste & Recycling delivers large containers to neighborhoods for residents to dispose of bulky items or yard waste that will not fit in garbage cans. See when we are in your neighborhood by entering your address into our look-up tool at the top of this webpage. 

NOTE: Your specific date will be mailed to you 4-6 weeks before your scheduled area clean-up day

When Residents are Notified:

Residents will be notified four to six weeks in advance of the scheduled day.

When Containers are Dropped Off:

Containers will be dropped off in your neighborhood sometime between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM and will be picked up the following day between 7:00 AM and 5:00 PM. The following items are allowed in the container:

  • Bulk household waste: furniture, mattresses, etc.
  • Appliances: refrigerator and freezer must be tagged by a professional showing freon have been removed.
  • Yard waste: • Schedule your one-time Green waste pickup on our Website/Chat or Contact our office to notify us of your pile, 24 hours before your scheduled date. Your pile will not be picked up unless it has been scheduled in this manner.
  • Our office is open Mon-Fri 8 to 5:30 pm. Click here to put in a Curb Side Green Pile pick up request or send us a CHAT.

Customer Tips:

  • Do not place your bulky items on the curb or street. All items must go directly to the containers. Please do not overload containers.
  • The containers are for residents only. No commercial or construction dumping is allowed
  • For large amounts of waste that cannot wait for the Area Cleanup, a bulk or green trailer can be rented.
  • Do not put tires, oil, paint, batteries, propane tanks, 50-gallon drums, or any toxic waste or materials in the containers. Salt Lake Valley Landfill lists resources for recycling locations for these items.
  • Do not park within 40 feet of the containers – please avoid parking on the street while containers are in place.
  • We have landfill Vouchers available for those who miss their area clean Up day.
  • Additional options may be available through your city/metro township office. Contact your local representative for more information.

Annual Area Cleanup Frequently Asked Questions:

Why can’t I have Area Cleanup during the same time every year?

As we all know, most residents prefer a spring and fall cleanup. To try and meet this desire, our board made the decision to ask staff to develop a schedule to allow areas in the District to have a spring and fall cleanup.

We have a six-month window to provide the services between the snow seasons, so the program starts mid-April and runs through September, early October each year.

In order to stay within budget guidelines and the six-month window, the location where we start and end each year rotates counterclockwise to allow each area in our service district the opportunity to use the services during the fall and spring during the rotation schedule.

With over 85,000 households within our District boundaries, this is a monumental challenge. Please see this link for the rotation that has occurred in the past: Rotation Calendar

Why can’t I have the container for more than one day?

One day per neighborhood is the maximum time we can make happen within the six-month window WFWRD has to provide the services.

Our team begins the planning process in January each year when our mapping coordinator plots the container placement for each day of service. The goal is to have one container per seven homes for maximum capacity shared by each surrounding homeowner. Sometimes, obstacles prevent us from placing the containers where we would like, which affects access for some residents.

Once the containers have been dropped off and filled by residents, we have a crew working to secure each container and prepare it for transportation to a local dumping facility for proper disposal. The container is then delivered to the next neighborhood. We have 128 containers to place in the neighborhoods each day, and it takes our 19 trucks all day to pick up all of the containers, empty them at a local waste facility, and place them in their new locations.

What if the container near my home is full?

Most residents look forward to this program, and it is important that each household has some space in the container for their items. The most common complaint that we receive is that the containers are filled up before some residents even make it home from their work to use the program. There may be a container with space nearby that you are welcome to use if possible.

Are there more options than just once a year?

We ask that homeowners with large amounts of bulk, or green waste to use our Trailer Rental Program.

We also offer the landfill voucher program for residents to haul your own load to the Landfill. Please see this link for a location to pick up District sponsored vouchers. Vouchers locations

What items are not allowed in the containers?

The containers can hold a lot of waste, but there are items that are not allowed in containers such as oil, batteries, pesticides, and paint. A complete list of these types of household hazardous waste can be found on the Salt Lake County Health Department’s website ( with drop-off locations throughout the Valley. We also discourage “dumpster diving” or scavenging. This is illegal in many communities and is very dangerous due to some of the hazardous items that can be in the containers.

Mattress and Metal Recycling during Area Cleanup Collections:

We can pick up all mattresses, metal items and appliances from your driveway. ALL other items must fit entirely in the containers. Do NOT overload containers or put waste on the ground.
DO NOT PARK within 40 feet of containers. Avoid parking on the street while containers are in place.
NO commercial or construction dumping is allowed.

Illegal Dumping:

If you notice someone that does not live in your neighborhood dumping materials in an area clean-up container, please call your local authorities.