2020 Area clean up

The 2020 Area Cleanup Evaluation Survey is complete!

WFWRD conducted a survey for the 2020 Area Cleanup service and received 2,735 survey responses. The District-wide overall satisfaction was 83.1%. The results of this evaluation will help WFWRD to improve the program and scheduling system for the 2021 season.

View the entire evaluation report here!


Area Cleanup


Changes to 2020 Area Cleanup

On March 23, 2020, the Administrative Control Board (WFWRD’s Governing Body) approved the recommended delayed start for this service and the recommended change to how the annual Area Cleanup Program (ACUP) will be provided during 2020.

This recommendation and approval were based on the following:
• The COVID-19 pandemic and ensuring a safe work environment for WFWRD employees.
• The staffing shortages which prevent the way ACUP has been conducted in the past.
o WFWRD hires part-time, seasonal employees and there are risk factors that come with the on-boarding and training processes.


What are the Changes?

1. The start date has been delayed until May 11, 2020. All areas will keep the same order as initially scheduled: Magna, Kearns, Taylorsville, Millcreek, Holladay, Murray, Cottonwood Heights, Willow Creek, Granite, White City, Willow Canyon, Sandy Hills, 4B Lane, Herriman, Copperton.

2. Containers will not be placed in the street, nor will our staff physically handle any waste. Green waste will not be collected separately. DO NOT place any waste at the curbside.

3. On a first-come, first-served basis, homeowners will be allowed to reserve one container during their scheduled day(s), and the container will be placed in the homeowner’s driveway. There will be no additional fee for this service.


**We do not have enough containers for every resident to have a container. We encourage homeowners to work together with neighbors and coordinate a mutual date to utilize the container**

How do I Schedule a Container?

You will receive a postcard in the mail, three to four weeks in advance of your scheduled ACUP time. Once those postcards are delivered, you can reserve a container for the date(s) available to you. You will need to complete a release of liability to reserve a container. Scroll down on this page for the release and reservation calendar.

You can also contact our Customer Service Representatives for reservation assistance via CHAT, EMAIL or phone: 385-468-6325


When Will the Containers be Delivered?


Containers will be dropped off sometime between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m (we cannot provide an estimated time of arrival). on the scheduled day. WFWRD staff will try to ensure that residents can have up to 24 hours for the container.

Driveways must be cleared, accessible, and have enough room (approximately 8’ x 12’) for the container to be placed so that it is off of the street and public sidewalk. If the driveway is inaccessible, the container will not be delivered, and you will lose your opportunity for the container at your residence.


What is Allowed/Not Allowed in the Containers?


• Bulk household waste: furniture, mattresses, etc.
• Appliances: refrigerator and/or freezer must be tagged by a professional showing freon has been removed.
• Yard waste

NOT Allowed
• Paint, oil, batteries, propane tanks, 50-gallon drums, other toxic or hazardous materials.
• Commercial, contractor, or industrial waste/disposal.


Other Info/Tips:

• Do NOT overload containers or put waste on the ground. Following the National Waste and Recycling Association’s (NWRA) recommendations, WFWRD employees will not collect waste left on the ground or at the curbside.
• The containers are for residents only. No commercial or construction dumping is allowed.
• For large amounts of waste that cannot wait for the ACUP, a bulk or green trailer can be rented- Trailer rental
• We have landfill vouchers available for those who miss their Area Cleanup day.


You may reserve a container ONLY for the specific dates based on your area. These dates will show on the front of the postcard that has been mailed to you. If you DO NOT have these dates, please, send us a CHAT or contact us at 385-468-6325, so we can provide you with your assigned dates.

*** Please be aware that if you book outside the postcard dates, your reservation will be denied***

All other residents will receive a postcard in the mail indicating what dates are available for cleanup in your area. 


Thank you for your interest in our Area Cleanup program! However, our Area Cleanup for this year has now concluded. Please be sure to take the survey on our home page and come back next summer! 




Annual Area Cleanup Frequently Asked Questions:


Why can’t I have Area Cleanup during the same time every year?
Most residents prefer a spring and fall cleanup. To try and meet this desire, our Administrative Control Board made the decision to ask staff to develop a schedule to allow areas in the District to have a spring and fall cleanup.

We have a six-month window to provide the services between the snow seasons, so the program typically starts mid-April and runs through early October each year.

In order to stay within budget guidelines, and the six-month window, the location where we start and end each year rotates counterclockwise to allow each area in our service district the opportunity to use the services during the fall and spring during the rotation schedule.

With over 85,000 households within our District boundaries, this is a monumental challenge.

Why can’t I have the container for more than one day?
One day per neighborhood is the maximum time we can make happen within the six-month window WFWRD has to provide the services.

Once the containers have been dropped off and filled by residents, we have a crew working to secure each container and prepare it for transportation to a local dumping facility for proper disposal. The container is then delivered to the next reservation. We have 80 containers to place in the neighborhoods each day, and it takes eight trucks all day to pick up all of the containers, empty them at a local waste facility, and place them in their new locations.

Are there more options than just once a year?
We ask that homeowners with large amounts of bulk, or green waste to use our Trailer Rental Program.

We also offer the landfill voucher program for residents to haul your own load to the Landfill—district-sponsored voucher-request.