Additional Garbage Can Rental

  • Additional Can$51 billed quarterly.
  •  $10 Can delivery or pickup fee —$10 delivery fee will be charged in the next statement. Any canceled service incurs a $10 bin removal fee. (This fee can be waived if a Yard waste can is delivered the same day).
  • Replacement can fee $70. The fee is for damages sustained above and beyond expected normal wear and tear.
  • For a stolen can — The replacement fee is reduced to $10.00 if a police report is filed and submitted.

RENTERS: If you are a renter, please print out the Additional Garbage Can Rental Form request and have the property owner complete and sign it.

Thank you for your additional Black Garbage can request; at this time, due to high demand, your additional garbage can will be delivered within 1 to 14 business days. Please make sure your can is out before 7 am to avoid getting missed. Please keep in mind that we can only have the Homeowners request any additional services, and the account must be in good standing; if the above is not met, we will contact you.

Additional Garbage Can Rental Guidelines

  • The can will be used at the above address only
  • The can is the sole property of the District
  • Please do not place garbage outside your can
  • Do not overload your garbage can-the lid should close to at least 45 degrees
  • Place garbage cans 3 feet from objects, such as cars, trees, street signs, and other refuse cans
  • The Can is in good condition when delivered and shall stay that way. Damage to the can beyond reasonable wear and tear will result in a replacement fee of $70.00